“Tembikar Sasak”

The Sasak Story

Sasak is the ethnic name of the majority of the population of Lombok, Indonesia.

For generations, the Sasak craftswomen on the island of Lombok have made hand crafted pottery, and the ceramics represent one of the most ancient craft traditions of Indonesia. The clay used for Sasak pottery is sourced from the hills above three main villages where the pottery is made. These villages each have their own distinct styles with different processes and different motifs used in their designs.

The village women have been producing pottery since the early part of the 16th century, and in a tradition called “turun temurun”, their unique skills are passed on from mother to daughter. Despite the use of very simple tools, there is a remarkably high level of skill in their pottery. There is no potter’s wheel used, as instead, the maker herself moves around the object pressing it into the desired shape while layers are continually added to the original piece of clay dough.

After the pots are formed, they are fired in simple outdoor kilns fired with wood straw and rice husks, giving each piece its own unique fire markings. This pottery provides a wonderful accent for home or garden.